My name is Virginie Dupuis designer & Matchali’s founder. I was Born in Paris France . I left France 15 years ago to move to Shanghai for 10 years and now in Malaysia is my home since 2014.
I started matchali in 2016 to support charity organisation in Kolkata India . My strong interest of india and its craft culture pushed me to work with hand block print cotton fabrics . I started my Beachwear collection by colourful sarongs with pom-poms and sequins. Matchali collection is mostly Made in Malaysia . Ladli dress has been recently made in india. MATCHALI Give a hand to unprivileged persons who are involved in their kid’s education in hardly working for charity organisation such Balo & Ladli in india or in Malaysia with Lady Ayaz and recently with Tanma Birmanese organisation. It is a path for a better future for themselves and their family. I believed in empowered women, empower women !
Brand name origin
WHO Am i?
Matchali idea was born in India at the Kolkata’s flowers market. After buying a fairtrade fish accessorie I have asked my friend : How will she say fish in hindi ? She told me “ Matchlee” after misheard I thought she was saying “MATCHALI “. I have loved the word that sound so beautiful to me and as well an amazing link with india . Fish is also known as a strong prosperity symbol in asia that brings luck .